Monday, August 26, 2013

Out of the mouth of Bubby

Miss Mootie is now officially an eighth grader. Today was her first day of school and it was bitter sweet. Don't get me wrong  I was ready  for her to not be "Bored" but I can  not believe how fast they are growing up on me.

Bubby went along with  us this morning  to drop off Mootie and stop by my mom's house. He was wide open with the can we go here and there and buy this and buy that. I had to tell him no I could not afford  to buy him anything today. He went on to talk about this new computer he wanted and this game and that game he wanted. I know it is hard for him to understand some things and money  is one of those things. I hate to tell him no all the time, but it is not cheap raising two  teenagers on your own.  We discussed the importance of paying the bills over buying video games. He looked at me and said the most profound thing. He said " Mommy God will take care of us and one day we will have more money, but right now God is helping other people that need help more than us." All I could say was "Your right Bubby", and it made me really thankful. Things could be a lot worse than they are.  

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  1. My youngest started 8th grade, too! My oldest just moved to Florida (1300 miles away) this week, too. My next oldest graduates high school this year and my third oldest started high school this year. They DO grow up so quickly.